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Our voiced services

  • specialists in audio commentary highlights for dropping into highlights packages or montages or goal compilations
  • remote commentary overlay for streaming of matches - LIVE
  • providing an onsite commentator at the venue of the event
  • football and all other sports catered for
  • quick turnaround, high quality audio from professional studios
  • preview shows, bespoke shows, bulletin readings

Our broad range of unique services

  • pairing suitable commentators to the exact requirements of a client
  • servicing football and multi-sports including rugby, bowling, beach soccer, rowing and swimming
  • consultation service for live streaming options and partnerships
  • working with broadcasters on live shows, recorded shows, highlights packages and recorded commentary as well as live broadcasts and streams
  • expertise on remote commentary solutions which are growing in popularity and saving broadcasters huge amounts of money
  • providing commentators of all levels a platform to find work and work experience
  • consultancy for commentators, in particularly up-and-coming talent to help them reach their potential
Voicing the action

The full range of commentary solutions

Whatever your requirement, as a club, a league, a broadcaster, a streaming company, a YouTube channel... We have it....

Need a commentator for your sporting event?

You are in the right place! Need a commentator, a summariser, a pundit, an expert. We cover all aspects of sports broadcast and have a large and ever-expanding pool of talent to tap into to ensure we find you the right voice! Working to your budget and your expectations. With the option of working to a commssion that is paid by the commentator with a small placement fee.

Call us 01767 777543 or email info@commentaryservices.co.uk

Streaming, off-tube and remote expertise

Need help with a live stream? Need an off-tube commentator or a remote commentator to provide live commentary without being at the event?

We specialise in all of these scenarios. We can provide consultation, offer expert advice and introduce you to some excellent streaming or remote partners who we have close working relationships with. 

Be in the right place to discover work as a commentator

Our WhatsApp group is open to football commentators, sports commentators, broadcasters of ALL LEVELS. We are approached by broadcasters, clubs, production companies frequently and asked to find them the right voice. If you would like to join our WhatsApp group simply message us on Twitter @Commentary_Serv or email info@commentaryservices.co.uk and we will send a link to join the group. Everyone welcome.

When joining we ask everyone showing an interest to have a showreel ready as attachment or better still a link so we can refer our client to your abilities.

Call to help!

Are you a broadcaster looking for a commentator or a streaming solution or a way to cover a live event without the expense of sending a commentator or reporter to the event itself? We are here to help!

If you are an experienced sports broadcaster or commentator or even that somebody just starting out in the industry and looking for work experience or a first break, we regularly post opportunities on our WhatsApp group for varying levels of experience.

Please feel free to reach out! Happy to help!